letters-onlyActive Gear has established itself as a leader in Heating and Startup Systems for the  Military, Major OEMs and End-Users, since 1959.

While our 50 years of experience has seen us grown from humble beginnings we are still “just a phone call away” and intermixed with calls from design engineers it is not uncommon for us to field calls from “under the hood”. This kind of engagement is part of our corporate philosophy and will always be our way.

Active Gear’s wide range of personnel heaters, engine pre-heaters and fluid warming systems offer diverse solutions for mission critical situations, in environments as cold as -50 °F/-46 °C.

Simply put, we make things operate in extreme cold, and make environments habitable.

As an offshoot of our cold operations work, our company evolved to manage a critical operational bottleneck: power use, conversion and storage.