WE ARE EXPERIENCED. We have been in business for over 50 years. We have designed cold weather start systems for major OEMs. We have participated in hundreds of -50°F/-46°C cold Start Tests.

WE ARE A ONE STOP SHOP.  We are a centre for excellence in system design, product supply and logistics, infield support (including ILS), R&D and innovation.

WE ARE CANADIAN. That means we know cold. All of our applications are in-field tested to ensure that they are practical and efficient for soldiers and end-users.

WE ARE INNOVATIVE.  We are constantly undertaking Research & Development to ensure consistent improvement. We have several Patented and Proprietary Products to ensure the success of your application. They equate to greater efficiency, less power and fuel consumption and greater portability.

WE CAN HELP SATISFY YOUR ITB/IRB REQUIREMENTS.  We are a responsive, capable, innovative SME, ready for your requirements.